As the days get shorter and we approach bonfire night, dog owners will be looking for ways to help alleviate the stress that can be caused to many animals by the sudden load explosive noise created by fireworks. While we read about recent developments in noise free fireworks, it might be some time before we are all fully embracing them, so we need to look for ways to help our dogs feel less stressed during firework season.

This week we were lucky to have Helena Stewart, Business Development Manager at TopSpec, drop by the shop to talk to us about the VetSpec range of food and supplements for dogs. The VetSpec products are full of all the quality ingredients that you would expect from a company that is owned by experienced nutritionists and with 2 onsite vets they’re passionate about the health and wellbeing of the country’s dogs.

Young woman with hair in pony tale pointing to text in brochure.

Highlighting the benefits

We were most interested to hear about their VetSpec Calm & Focused formula and supplement and wanted to share. Helena explained that their special formula contains optimum amounts of Tryptophan, which is a naturally occurring amino acid and a precursor of serotonin (5HT). What does that mean? I hear you ask…well its one of the building blocks that your brain uses to create a happy chemical which;

  • reduces anxiety
  • promotes a happy mood
  • aids concentration
  • helps to calm and relax.

So, this makes it ideal for dogs who are anxious, over excitable, need to improve obedience, or are afraid of loud noises like FIREWORKS!

Sounds good, right?

Like most things, don’t expect an instant cure! Helena recommends that if you’re hoping to see the benefits, in preparation for Guy Fawkes night, it can take around 3 weeks of feeding. You can do this by adding the Calm & Focused supplement to your regular feed, or you can buy the VetSpec Complete Dog Food Calm & Focused Formula – this combines the cereal grain free Healthy Dog Adult Formula with the Calm & Focused supplement. Its made with 60%, UK sourced, chicken and is available in 12kg bags or a 2kg trial size. Ready to give it a go?

A big thanks to Helena for taking the time to share her product knowledge with the team.

For general advice for all animals and fireworks check out the RSPCA website.

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