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Our latest blog posts

Keep calm and carry on

Help alleviate the stress that can be caused to dogs by the sudden load explosive noise created by fireworks.

Raw meal quantities

A quick guide to the amount of raw food to feed your dog based on their weight.

Raw meal diet guide

As a guide, your dog’s overall diet should be made up of: 10-20% bone, 70-80% meat, 10% organ.

June’s 1000th customer

Brothers Charles and William Gemmell were delighted to find out they were our 1000th customer this month…

Chicken check list

William Gibb’s guide to everything you’ll need to start keeping chickens.

Raw food diet

Want to try your dog on the raw food diet but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help…

Burn Anne Walk

Pop into our country store, pick up a leaflet and enjoy Burn Anne Walk which, very handily, can be accessed from our car park!

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